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In Cracking Scholarships for BS/MD Program Online Course, you'll learn

How do colleges award Scholarships?

Although each college has its criteria for selecting scholarship winners, however, there is a common list of criteria followed by all. In this course, you will learn the characteristics colleges look for and get insight into "how to crack the scholarship system?"

BS/MD or BS/DO or Pre-Med?

Did you know that are three different programs in the USA? This on-demand course will give you the eligibility criteria, benefits, and requirements of each program.

What Makes a Good Applicant for Scholarships?

Did you know that 1.7 million scholarships are awarded every year? However, only 7% of the applicants will receive scholarships. On average, first-time undergraduates who receive government grants and scholarships at a 4-year college receive about $13,690 annually.

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Students coached and counseled by Gifted Gabber won over 2 million in total in scholarships in 2021!



Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: The Introduction

Let’s get to know each other! Learn more about your instructor, Coach Jo. We’ll also go over the outline and objectives for this course. We will introduce you to the best strategy to win a scholarship for BS/MD Program.

Module 2: The BS/MD Admissions Process

During this module, we’ll talk about the three different paths within the medical field. We will dig deeper into the Three Step BS/MD Process and the key ingredients for a successful candidate. You will also get an insight into the often ignored BS/DO or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in this module. We’ll also review a list of colleges available for each BS/MD and BS/DO program.

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Scholarships

Attending college is a big financial decision for you and your family. While the total cost of college depends on where you go, how you budget, and whether you'll receive financial aid, we will show the five standard expenses you have to consider. We’ll also go over the cost of colleges, seller vs. buyer colleges, different types of scholarships, and merit aid. 


Module 4: The Essentials

We’ll talk about commonly held beliefs regarding scholarships, both locally and nationally, and myths you should get out of your mind. Paying attention to details and requirements can make or break whether your application remains in the running or lands on the top of the rejection pile. We will show the exact steps in creating an attractive package for scholarships. We will also talk about five tips for writing winning scholarship essays.

Module 5: The Resources

Extremely important module where we will open up a world of scholarships you might not have even known existed. From financial aid for international students to private opportunities to full-ride scholarships and top scholarships for pre-med students, we’ll dive deeper into what fits your path.

Module 6: The Conclusion

Each scholarship has its own requirement and deadlines. In this module, you'll learn how to put it together and the next steps to creating a winning BS/MD Scholarship profile.


A Note From Jothsna Kethar.....

An Entrepreneur, Educator, Counselor, Confidant, Career Guide, an Engineer, and above all, a Mother. 

Well, that's me, and I've been in this field for over five years, and I have been instrumental in enabling at least 1000+ students in their academic and non-academic areas.

What drives me is the difference that parents see in their children once they participate in one of our many programs. 

I know that BS/MD program is extremely competitive and definitely not straightforward! At best, you get one chance.

Cracking the scholarships is another ballgame altogether with at least FIVE criteria to take care of.

But, people still have been able to do it and you’ll find all that techniques, methods and guidance from me to crack it.

My name is Jothsna Kethar; students and parents call me Coach Jo.

From cracking Ivy leagues to giving guidance and support to students on IEP, I’ve been fortunate to guide thousands of students in their careers.

This is my special offering to BS/MD or medical aspirants, tailor-made specifically for you. And I’m sure you a lot of your questions will get answered.

You’ll be happy you bought this program, and I would love to hear your views in our Q and A session. 

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Top-Up Freebies for you

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Bonus # 1

Must-have Scholarship Templates

All these guides are FREE. This important module includes three key tips for applying for scholarships, videos, a how-to guide, and templates for

  • Cover Letter creation and
  • Scholarship Resume. 
  • Comprehensive list of extracurricular activities.
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Bonus # 2

Free Scholarship Resources for You

You will find a comprehensive list of scholarships available for all categories and types. Resources include: 

  • Financial Aid for International Students, 
  • Private Scholarship Opportunities, 
  • Full-Ride Scholarship List, 
  • Colleges that offer scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores and 
  • Top scholarships for Pre-med applicants.

Bonus # 3

Free Guide on Scholarship Essays

Must watch module for writing winning scholarship essays. We provide simple but effective five strategies that absolutely must for scholarship essays. This module also aims to dispel the common myths when applying for Scholarships.

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Bonus # 4

Exclusive Access to Top Ranked Scholarship Essays

Review of several winning scholarship essays from past students. In this module, students will get insight into the exact steps implemented in winning various scholarships. 

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Bonus # 5

Q and A session with Coach Jo

Sought after group session with Coach Jo, where she will review students' work and address any scholarship-related questions.

Our Success in Numbers

15: Our Students won multiple Scholarships from colleges.

2+ Million: Money won in scholarships in total.

Yes, I'm Ready to win Scholarships

Here's What Students Who Won Scholarships are Saying...

Student who got into Harvard Pre-med and Texas A&M BS/MD Program

Coach Jo helped me with my main essay. The brainstorming exercises and various techniques helped me immensely.

Student Accepted in Cornell Early Decision

Coach Jo and I worked extensively on the college application. Her College Essay Writing Program helped me brainstorm my common app essay that best expressed my personality, and her magic formula for supplemental essays made the process much less stressful.

Student who won 45K per year from Rennsaeler, 160K from College of Wooster

Coach Jo helped me find my passion and convey them in my college application. She helped me extensively with building a college list. I'm happy to say that with Coach Jo's guidance, I got merit or scholarship from almost all colleges that I applied to.

Student who won scholarships from Drexel, Penn State and University of Delaware

Coach Jo helped me build my confidence and try new things. Initially, I was interested in pursuing fashion, Coach Jo urged me to take a summer course on Fashion Designing to see if I was really interested, it was the best plan. I decided to pursue business as a major and got accepted to many colleges I applied to.

Student who got scholarship from Case Western

I am more confident now than I was before. Thanks to Coach Jo's guidance I now know how to form my essays in a way that can boost my chances of getting a scholarship.

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Scholarships for BS/MD Online Course

The only step-by-step online program designed to guide students to win scholarships for BS/MD Program.

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Original Price $300

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One time payment

  • Key ingredients of a successful BS/MD candidate.
  • List of Scholarship opportunities for BS/MD and Pre-med
  • List of BS/MD and BS/DO colleges
  • Full-ride scholarship list
  • Lifetime access to online course
  • Free bonus course, "The Ultimate Scholarship Guide".



Can $300 get my child a scholarship?


Does this on-demand course provide a shortcut to the finish line?


This course will grant access to tools necessary for cracking the scholarship code.

We have COMPRESSED so much valuable information about scholarships for BS/MD. It will be very hard for you to go wrong with this on demand course!

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