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Python boot camp is an intensive but flexible course led by an expert that trains high school students in the Python language quickly and efficiently.

After completing this immersive X-day BootCamp, your child will be ready to take on AI, ML, Data Science, Cyber Security, and much more!

Dates: TBD

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Why do high school students need to enroll in Coding Boot Camps?

More kids and high school students than ever learn to code when they enroll in boot camps to learn programming languages, build hands-on projects, and prepare for today’s tech industry and competitive colleges. 

🖥️ 9 out of 10 parents want their child to study computer science, but only 1 out of 4 schools actually teach programming. 

🖥️ Coding bootcamps are a great way for high schoolers to learn the tech skills used by today's modern tech workforce. 

🖥️ In a coding boot camp, students receive mentorship and hands-on tech training from industry experts.

🖥️ A coding boot camp is an excellent way for a high school student to build their knowledge base while test-driving a possible tech career. 


Day 1

Python Foundations 

We will go through the foundations of programming languages, and where python fits in the overall landscape. We will go through the installation steps - including the installation of python on your computer and the installation of a code editor. We will write a few sample programs together and get our feet wet to become a true pythonator in the upcoming classes.

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Day 2

Logic-building blocks 

 In this class, we start our deep-diving into how to build logic using conditional logic such as if/then/else and loops such as for/while, etc. We will also learn about simple and complex data structures and lay a solid foundation for our next sessions.

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Day 3

Complex Data structures 

In this session, we deep dive into what python offers in terms of complex data structures - such as arrays, lists, dictionaries, etc. We start deep-diving into solving some more complex problems using the building blocks we have learned till now.

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Day 4

File manipulation and Operating system interactions

We start our journey into how python can be used to interact with the Operating system features such as files, processes, etc. We learn about how to read and write different types of files - e.g, text, csv, XML, JSON, etc. In the process of doing these file manipulations and directory traversals, we learn about python-libraries that can help us in our future journey!

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Day 5

Tying it all together 

This session involves solving more and more complex problems using the building blocks we have learned so far. We also learn how to use google as our friend to search for the right package which can help us to solve problems. We also introduce you to the libraries that can be used for your future projects in AI, ML, Cybersecurity, etc.

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Ready to become a Certified Pythonator in just 5 days? 

3 great reasons to join!


Benefit #1

Boost your high school resume for competitive internships and college applications. Having Python experience is a plus to landing in highly selective internship programs offered by top universities.


Benefit #2

Passion Projects are the key to landing in highly selective colleges. Admissions Officers like to see passion projects highlighting their talents. Colleges prefer students who have made an effort to solve any real-life problems via a coding project.


Benefit #3

Master Python is just 5 days, not 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years! Our boot camp focuses on intense, short-term training on the fundamental skills that will help you break into the world of Python quickly.



Become a Certified Pythonator in just 5 days!

  • Has your high schooler struggled with learning Python programming on their own? We all know that instructor-led courses are the best way of learning programming languages.

  • Python Programming is foundational when it comes to creating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. We have seen so many students failing Python Proficiency tests and not qualifying for our AI and Research Projects.

  • Python is the most intuitive of all programming languages and important when it comes to pursuing Research Projects as well.

  • Python skills are essential in Data Science, web development, finance, automation, computer graphics, and cyber security. 

I'm Coach Jo!

Dreamer, Mother, Adventurer & Chief Motivator 

Jothsna Kethar is CEO of Gifted Gabber, College Counselor, and Academic Coach. Her unique and effective coaching techniques have helped many teens with study skills, time management, organization, effective communication, and academics. She specializes in coaching teens for High School/College success.

She completed her College Counseling course at UC Berkeley. Building a customized college list is her specialty. Her students have landed in Ivy league colleges such as Harvard, and Cornell, also landing in affordable colleges, winning merit aid/scholarships to the tune of over 2 million dollars in total.

We can't wait to see you inside our program:

Become a Certified Pythonator in just X days!

Dates: TBD

Price: Paid Course (Pricing will be announced shortly)

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