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Students coached and counseled by Gifted Gabber won over 2 million in total in scholarships in 2021!

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Discovery and Assessments

The goal is to identify a Teen's strengths and weaknesses: Learning Style, Executive Functioning Skills, Multiple Intelligence, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessments.

Academics (Mapping Courses)

Mapping of courses for all four years, looking over graduation requirements for High School. Create a winning academic curriculum to land in top colleges.

Plan Extracurricular Activities

Planning Extracurricular Activities is a cornerstone for High School success. But how can your child ensure a good activity experience that is actually valuable to them and make it impactful?

Study skills for excelling in Academics

Study strategies and techniques to enhance grades/GPA. A special lesson on Time Management and avoiding procrastination.

Create Resume

High school students need a resume to apply to college, scholarships, employment, and internships. Your resume is an important marketing tool. A well-written high school resume represents a student's character, skills, and accomplishments, and how they spend their time.

SAT/ACT/PSAT Standardized tests

Goal Setting for Standardized Tests such as ACT/SAT/PSAT. Guidance on SAT/ACT/PSAT Standardized tests. (Map out dates for re-tests if needed.)

A Note From Jothsna Kethar.....

An Entrepreneur, Educator, Counselor, Confidant, Career Guide, an Engineer, and above all, a Mother. 

Well, that's me, and I've been in this field for over five years, and I have been instrumental in enabling at least 1000+ students in their academic and non-academic areas.

What drives me is the difference that parents see in their children once they participate in one of our many programs. 

I know that winning scholarships is extremely competitive and definitely not straightforward! At best, you get one chance.

Cracking the scholarships is another ballgame altogether with at least FIVE criteria to take care of.

But, people still have been able to do it and you’ll find all the techniques, methods, and guidance from me to crack it.

My name is Jothsna Kethar; students and parents call me Coach Jo.

From cracking Ivy League to giving guidance and support to students on IEP, I’ve been fortunate to guide thousands of students in their careers.

This is my special offering to all scholarship seekers or medical aspirants, tailor-made specifically for you. And I’m sure you a lot of your questions will get answered.

You’ll be happy you bought this program, and I would love to hear your views in our Q and A session. 

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Our Success in Numbers

15: Our Students won multiple Scholarships from colleges.

2+ Million: Money won in scholarships in total.

Here's What Students Who Were Counseling By Gifted Gabber are Saying...

Student who got into Harvard Pre-med and Texas A&M BS/MD Program

Coach Jo helped me with my main essay with her Essay Bootcamp. The brainstorming exercises and various techniques helped me immensely.

Student Accepted in Cornell Early Decision

Coach Jo and I worked extensively on the college application. Her College Essay Writing Program helped me brainstorm my common app essay that best expressed my personality, and her magic formula for supplemental essays made the process much less stressful.

Student who won 45K per year from Rennsaeler, 160K from College of Wooster

Coach Jo helped me find my passion and convey them in my college application. She helped me extensively with building a college list. I'm happy to say that with Coach Jo's guidance, I got merit or scholarship from almost all colleges that I applied to.

Student who won scholarships from Drexel, Penn State and University of Delaware

Coach Jo helped me build my confidence and try new things. Initially, I was interested in pursuing fashion, Coach Jo urged me to take a summer course on Fashion Designing to see if I was really interested, it was the best plan. I decided to pursue business as a major and got accepted to many colleges I applied to.

Student who got scholarship from Case Western

I am more confident now than I was before. Thanks to Coach Jo's guidance I now know how to form my essays in a way that can boost my chances of getting a scholarship.

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