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Do you want to unlock Your Teen's Academic Potential?

Ace High School -  Master Study Skills Today!

Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your High Schooler's Academic Performance? 🚀

Dates: February 11 - March 16 | Class Timing: Sundays at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST/5 PM PST | Q & A Timing: Thursdays, 9 PM EST/8 PM CST/ 6 PM PST | Final Presentation: TBD

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Develop Study Skills 🧠

Increase Your Grades 💯

Ace your tests 🎯


Do you feel your child could be performing better with the right guidance?

Are you a concerned parent, worried about your teen's study habits?

Ace High School - Master Study Skills Today!

a comprehensive program designed to:

🎯 Boost Academic Confidence: Foster self-assurance in learning.
⏰ Time Management Mastery: Balance school and life.
📝 Effective NoteTaking Techniques: Enhance understanding.
🎓 Exam Success Strategies: Excel in tests.
📚 Homework & Projects Made Easy: Organize and conquer assignments.
💡 LifeLong Learning: Instill skills for a lifetime.
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Module-by-module, we'll build your path to Academic Success: 

Discovery and Assessment Tests

ACTION PLAN: Assessment tests for strengths and weaknesses

OUTCOME: Discover individual MBTI, learning style

HOMEWORK: VARK worksheet, MBTI worksheet

Time Management, Planning & Organizing, Focus & Concentration

ACTION PLAN: Explain EF Skills and help identify Weaknesses

OUTCOME: Better understanding of EF and methods to overcome Weakness

HOMEWORK: EF Questionnaire and exercises

Notes Taking (Cornell Method, Mind Maps, Outline Notes techniques)

ACTION PLAN: Different types of Note-taking

OUTCOME: Be able to identify the technique that works best and implement it

HOMEWORK: Note-taking activities from books, magazines, novels, lectures.

Study strategies for exams/tests

ACTION PLAN: Different methods of studying and retaining

OUTCOME: Be able to create a study plan and implement it for better grades

HOMEWORK: Create a study mind map for each subject/Test

Writing Papers & Essays, Projects, and Homework

ACTION PLAN: Explain the techniques to crack big projects, essays and 

OUTCOME: Be able to submit papers, projects, reading assignments, and HW on time

Secret To Academic Success

ACTION PLAN: Addressing Midyear DIP, Maintenance, Finishing Strong, Seeking Help

OUTCOME: 1% Rule, Test Anxiety and how to overcome it

Final Presentation: Presentation Of PLP

INTENDED OUTCOME: Students come up with their ideal Learning Environment and Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)


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From improved grades to enhanced confidence, their testimonials tell the story of success.

🎯Discover the transformational impact of our study skills program

Dive in and get ready to embark on your journey to academic greatness

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🔥 Elevate Your Study Skills

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses for Academic Success

Maximize your learning journey with our value-packed bonuses!

🏆 1-1 Session with Expert Counselor:

Receive personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs and goals. Gain insights and strategies that align with your unique path.

🏆 How to Conduct Research in High School:

Unlock a step-by-step guide to meaningful research projects. Discover how to engage in impactful studies even as a high school student.

🏆 How to Pick AP Courses for Academic Success:

Learn proven strategies to select Advanced Placement courses that resonate with your academic pursuits and prepare you for college.

🏆 How Counselor Recommendations Play a Pivotal Role in College Applications:

Access valuable insights into leveraging counselor relationships and securing strong recommendations. Make your college applications stand out.

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Ace High School -Master Study Skills Today! 

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🚀 Unleashing Academic Excellence: Hear What Our Study Skills Students Have to Say!

Divyasree Prem


 “The Study Skills techniques taught were really helpful since they allowed me to learn a lot more. The study skills helped a lot as well and I use them now. ”



Study Skills techniques were good to make sure I was in track with my work and ask any questions I had.



Yes, I enjoyed the various strategies taught in class. The study skills techniques and lessons helped me be more organized.



The Study Skills sessions were helpful since it helped learn several techniques and study skills (which allowed me to better manage my time).



I loved the checkins and Study Skills sessions as we learned a lot about techniques and just so much. The study skills techniques really did help me plan out my year in school.



I liked the Study Skills sessions because it allowed me to ask any question I had a receive more personalized help. The techniques and ideas definitely helped me to become more organized and helped me complete my tasks much more efficiently.

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Ace High School: Master Study Skills Today!

Changes lives and is open for enrollment.



Original Price $1000

2024 Spring Study Skills Program

2 Monthly Payments of $250


  • 7-week Program
  • 6 LIVE Zoom Sessions
  • 6 LIVE Q & A and Project Discussion Sessions


  • Sundays at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST/5 PM PST


  • Dates: February 11 - March 16

Additional Details

  • A total of 13 LIVE Sessions
  • Final Personalized Study Plan Presentation
  • Exclusive study skills techniques and strategies you will not find elsewhere.
  • Whatsapp Group for Parents
  • Discord Group for Students
  • Learning Management Portal with all recordings and homework deliverables


  • Bonus 1-1 Session with Experts

A Note From Jothsna Kethar.....

An Entrepreneur, Educator, Counselor, Confidant, Career Guide, an Engineer, and above all, a Mother. 

Well, that's me, and I've been in this field for over five years, and I have been instrumental in enabling at least 1000+ students in their academic and non-academic areas.

What drives me is the difference that parents see in their children once they participate in one of our many programs. 

Coach Jo, as my students call me, is an Independent Educational Consultant and College Counselor. I'm a certified Tony Robbins Life Coach. I've trained to identify children's goals and be their supportive friend and trusted adviser. I have also trained under Peg Dawson, EdD., a renowned psychologist. I use this understanding to coach children to discover their strengths to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks on their path to success. I'm also is a certified Meditation Instructor as well and strives to empower parents in their child’s educational journey.

Along with my many businesses, I also run a nonprofit named InspireYouth, a nonprofit 501©3 organization that aims to empower youth and foster leadership. InspireYouth aspires to create lifetime humanitarians out of teens by providing various volunteering opportunities to contribute, learn, and grow! 

I've completed her College Counseling course at UC Berkeley. Building a customized college list is her specialty. My students have landed in Ivy League colleges such as Cornell, also landing in affordable colleges, winning merit aid/scholarships to the tune of over 5+ million dollars in total.


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🔥🚀 Unlock Your Child's Academic Potential with Our Proven Study Skills Mastery

Maximize Retention, Boost Grades, and Conquer Exams – Discover the Power of Effective Study Techniques.

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