2024 Comprehensive College Counseling For Juniors

Gifted Gabber has a proven track record of success in college admissions. Our students get accepted to 90% of colleges that applied, 75% of students get different merit scholarships and over 150+ college acceptance. Best of all, we are thrilled to share that our students have won over 3million dollars in scholarships (all combined).

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Our Results

5+ Million: Money won in scholarships in total.



Our students so far get accepted to 90% of the colleges they apply to.


The number of students enrolled in various Gifted Gabber programs who have won multiple merit scholarships from colleges.


The number of college acceptances for students counseled by Gifted Gabber.

(Disclaimer: Gifted Gabber doesn't provide a guarantee of college acceptances or scholarships)



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What's included?

  1. An overview of the college application process.
  2. Strength finder of the student.
  3. Organizational assistance and/or creation of a personalized timeline for applications.
  4. Recommendations
    1. Assistance in assembling personal activities lists to highlight skills and talents
    2. Teacher Recommendations
    3. Counselor Recommendation
    4. Advice on the selection of third-party recommendation writers
  5. Guidance on Extracurricular activities
  6. Identifying volunteering activities.
  7. Guidance in creating a list of colleges for College Search
  8. Creation of a personal “best fit” list of colleges and universities for the student.
    1. 20 colleges: Blend of Reach, Match, and Safety
    2. 5 college reports will be created for “would-like-to-go” colleges.
    3. For all the colleges applying mapping individual requirements such as GPA, Demonstrated interest, etc.
  9. Brainstorming and guidance for college essay topics
    1. Personal statement and Supplemental essays
    2. Scholarship Essays
    3. Writing support through reading essays 
    4. Providing feedback
  10. Guidance on completion of the Common App, Coalition App, UC application, and individual college applications
  11. Discussion of early action, early decision, and regular decision strategies
  12. Resume creation
  13. Interview Prep for colleges.
  14. Guidance with respect to deferral, waitlists, additional information requests, and appeals
  15. Assistance with making a final college decision based on admissions, aid packages, and student preference
  16. Applying for Scholarships.
  17. Looking for internship opportunities.
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Jothsna Kethar, Mentor and Coach

Coach Jo, as her students call her, is an Independent Educational Consultant and College Counselor. She is a certified Tony Robbins Life Coach. She trained to identify children's goals and be their supportive friend and trusted adviser. She has also trained under Peg Dawson, EdD., a renowned psychologist. She uses this understanding to coach children to discover their strengths to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks on their path to success. She is a certified Meditation Instructor as well and strives to empower parents in their child’s educational journey.

Jo also runs a nonprofit named InspireYouth, a nonprofit 501©3 organization that aims at empowering youth and foster leadership. InspireYouth aspires to create lifetime humanitarians out of teens by providing various volunteering opportunities to contribute, learn and grow! 

She completed her College Counseling course at UC Berkeley. Building a customized college list is her specialty. Her students have landed in Ivy league colleges such as Cornell, also landing in affordable colleges, winning merit aid/scholarships to the tune of over 3 million dollars in total.